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14K White Gold Ring Setting

Item ID: JS900
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14K White Gold
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100% Natural Rubies
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Product description
Is there anything more simultaneously classic, yet personal, than a three stone ring? The graceful symmetry of the side stones flanking the center can symbolize past, present, and future. It can also function simply as ornamentation for a gorgeous center-stone! The kind of combinations available are endless! Four prongs secure the center stone. Capable of accommodating cushion, emerald-cut, oval, princess or radiant-cut stones, this graceful setting will demonstrate your personal stamp with poise and grace, flanking your chosen gem with two perfectly balanced trillions. Accompanied by a matching wedding band, this set is available in the metal of your choice, the better to complement your life.
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Rubies are one of the most valuable precious stones, they have been coveted for centuries by royalty, gem collectors, larger-than-life personalities, and have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years as a centerpiece stone for an engagement ring.
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