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Rubies are one of the most valuable precious stones, they have been coveted for centuries by royalty, gem collectors, larger-than-life personalities, and have experienced a resurgence in popularity in recent years as a centerpiece stone for an engagement ring.

ruby starburst earrings
A pair of natural, untreated ruby starburst earrings designed and set at The Natural Ruby Company.

These gemstones are the color of love, passion, and desire with many cultures viewing them as the most romantic of gems. A high-quality, natural and untreated ruby is extremely rare and incredibly valuable – rubies often set new records when they come up to auction and hold the record for most spent per carat on a gemstone.

With so much to know about this exceptional gemstone, we have compiled all the essential ruby information you could ever need to truly understand and appreciate this powerhouse of the precious stone world. In the following sections of our Ruby Education, discover the unique characteristics that make rubies so brilliant and special, the regions in the world where rubies are mined, how rubies have been revered throughout time, and the most exceptional primer on ruby jewelry. Enjoy!

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