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The Allure of Mahaleo Ruby

The Allure of Mahaleo Ruby
Mahaleo Ruby

A Mahaleo ruby is a genuine ruby that has undergone a fissure-filling process. In this process, any cracks in the ruby are filled with lead glass. Before treatment, a Mahaleo ruby typically contains numerous cracks, giving it a dense, even opaque appearance. Its color, initially closer to brown than red, is significantly enhanced by the fissure-filling process, resulting in a more desirable hue. The Allure of Mahaleo Ruby lies in its transformation through this treatment, making it a sought-after gemstone.


Mahaleo rubies have undergone a fissure-filling process to improve their appearance. This treatment involves filling cracks within the ruby with lead glass, enhancing its clarity and color. Before treatment, Mahaleo rubies often appear dense and opaque, with a color closer to brown than red. 

Despite being real rubies, they have certain negative characteristics, such as increased fragility, sensitivity to heat and chemicals, and lower value compared to untreated rubies.

The Treatment Process: Lead-Glass Filling

One distinguishing feature of Mahaleo rubies is the extensive treatment they undergo, specifically lead-glass filling. This process involves infusing the ruby with leaded glass to fill fractures and cavities within the stone. The Allure of Mahaleo Ruby is evident as the lead glass enhances the ruby’s clarity and color, making the stone appear more visually appealing. Here’s a brief overview of the lead-glass filling process:

  1. Initial Cleaning: The rough ruby is cleaned to remove any impurities or dirt.
  2. Fracture Detection: The stone is inspected to identify fractures and cavities that need filling.
  3. Heating: The ruby is heated to a temperature that makes it easier to infuse with glass.
  4. Glass Infusion: Lead glass is melted and infused into the ruby’s fractures and cavities.
  5. Cooling and Polishing: The treated ruby is cooled and then polished to enhance its appearance.

While this treatment significantly improves the stone’s appearance, it also introduces concerns about durability and ethical considerations.

Ethical Considerations

In the professional gemstone world, lead-glass filling is often considered unacceptable for several reasons:

  1. Durability Issues: The filled fractures can make the ruby more fragile and susceptible to damage. The glass can be affected by exposure to acids, bases, and even certain cleaning solutions.
  2. Misrepresentation: Without full disclosure, consumers might be misled about the true nature and value of the gemstone. Transparent communication about the treatment process is essential.
  3. Ethical Concerns: Many in the gemstone industry consider the practice unethical, as it significantly alters the natural state of the stone, making it seem more valuable than it is.

Why We Don’t Sell Lead-Glass Filled Stones

Our commitment to quality and ethics means we do not sell stones treated with lead-glass filling. These stones are considered low quality and do not meet the standards we uphold. We believe in offering only the finest, untreated, or minimally treated gemstones to our customers, ensuring both their satisfaction and the integrity of our products.

Loose Stones

These stones are available in various cuts, from traditional round and oval to more contemporary shapes like pear and marquise. The flexibility in choosing a cut allows collectors to select stones that match their aesthetic preferences and desired jewelry designs.

Jewelry: The Ultimate Expression

Mahaleo rubies, when untreated, are a popular choice for a wide range of jewelry pieces, including rings, necklaces, bracelets, and earrings. Their vibrant color and durability make them perfect for both everyday wear and special occasions. Here are a few popular types of Mahaleo ruby jewelry:

1. Mahaleo Ruby Rings

A Mahaleo ruby ring can be a showstopper, especially when set in a classic design. These rings often feature the ruby as the centerpiece, surrounded by diamonds or other complementary gemstones. The contrast between the deep red ruby and the sparkling diamonds creates a timeless look.

2. Mahaleo Ruby Necklaces

Necklaces featuring Mahaleo rubies can range from delicate pendants to elaborate statement pieces. A simple ruby pendant on a gold or silver chain offers a touch of elegance, while a multi-stone ruby necklace can be a bold fashion statement.

3. Mahaleo Ruby Bracelets

Bracelets adorned with Mahaleo rubies add a pop of color to any outfit. Whether it’s a tennis bracelet with evenly spaced rubies or a bangle with a single ruby accent, these pieces are both stylish and versatile.

4. Mahaleo Ruby Earrings

Earrings are a perfect way to incorporate Mahaleo rubies into daily wear. Studs, hoops, or dangle earrings featuring these vibrant stones can enhance any look, from casual to formal.

The Appeal of Mahaleo Rubies

R12350| medium | play | left | “Ruby – Weight: 8.01 Carats – Origin: Mozambique” Untreated Mahaleo rubies offer a unique blend of beauty, rarity, and durability. Their vibrant color and the ability to be crafted into various jewelry designs make them a favorite among jewelers and consumers alike. While lead-glass-filled rubies might offer a lower price point, they do not match the quality and ethical standards of untreated stones.

Mahaleo rubies are a testament to Madagascar’s rich gemological landscape. Their journey from rough stones to polished gems in exquisite jewelry pieces embodies the artistry and science of gemstone enhancement. Whether as loose stones for collectors or as stunning jewelry, untreated Mahaleo rubies continue to captivate and inspire.

When considering a Mahaleo ruby, it’s essential to understand its unique characteristics and the treatments it undergoes. The Allure of Mahaleo Ruby lies in this understanding, ensuring that you make an informed decision and appreciate the true value and beauty of these captivating gemstones.

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