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Benefits Of A Ruby

Universal Properties

R12012 | left | mediumRubies are universally attributed to be imbued with the properties of power, passion, romance, wealth, and general good fortune and spiritual positivity. They also have numerous associations with the sun and its overwhelming energy. These are some of the most widely used attributions of rubies, though there are plenty more depending on what regional and spiritual context they are viewed in. For proper spiritual use most cultures prescribe that these gems be at least two carats in weight, and be relatively clear

Other major features of rubies is their high hardness, second only to diamonds. Because of this, many ancient warriors carried rubies to help protect them in battle. In historic Myanmar this was taken a step further by inserting the ruby under the skin to make it part of the individual, though this is not actively practiced today.

Spiritual Western Benefits

In the west, rubies are frequently used as a measure of the highest spiritual values.

Right: Crucifix with Scenes of the Passion – From Italy, Pisa, 13 Century – Currently in the Cleveland Museum of Art

The most iconic instance would be “Christ’s Passion”. While the passion is a brief section in the New Testament of the Bible on Christ’s life, it serves as the iconographic nexus of most western religions. This is where we get the cross seen on all the churches and rosaries, with the high-point of the passion culminating in Christ’s crucifixion on the cross.

The powerful scene often likens Christ’s blood to rubies between the color, the spirituality of the Messiah’s blood, and the intensity of the scene in every sense, making the association very easy. With the ultimate message of Chritianity being forgiveness, forgiveness for all that pain and suffering is amongst the most difficult and spiritually enlightening ideals in Western culture.

Spiritual Eastern Benefits

In eastern practices, there is more focus on a ruby’s association with the sun itself, and by extension the divine/cosmic energies it possesses. Myanmar (formerly Burma) has rubies as an integral part of its culture, due to how prolific its historical production is. Rubies from this source typically display fluorescence, which makes them glow red in UV light. They faintly glow red in the daylight, a big reason why they are almost always associated with the sun.

A gemstone painting depicting King Mindon and a Frenchman discussing export of rubies from Burma. See all the reds? Those are all rubies.

Rubies are also featured in numerous protective amulets, with one of the better known ones being the navaratna. It is set with 9 different gemstones including diamonds, pearls, emeralds, but the most important one is the ruby (representing the sun) placed at the center. There are also prescribed weights for the gemstones to be effective, as well as a requirement for them to be untreated.

Vedic astrology also prescribes various gemstones to certain individuals, including rubies, but figuring out where you fall in the cosmic system is rather complicated. It also follows the size requirements and untreated status mentioned above.

There is more spiritual positivity stuffed into rubies than almost any other gemstone, along with universal recognition.Given their status as one of the most popular gemstones on the market, it is clear that everyone likes rubies, even if they do not quite understand why.

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