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Corundum and Rubies

R11955 | medium | play

Ruby ID: R11955
Weight: 2.05 cts
Origin: Myanmar (formerly Burma)

Rubies are specifically the red variety of corundum . Ruby variety corundum is colored only by chromium, which is a rare element.

Corundum can come in many other colors too, like velvety blues, sunny yellows, and any other color except emerald green. All these colors are otherwise called fancy color sapphires, including colorless sapphires. The only exception is blue sapphires. 

The biggest difference between ruby gemstones and other varieties of corundum is they usually do not grow as large. Chromium does not mix with the corundum as well as other elements during formation. This makes it difficult to grow to large sizes, and normally grows very shallowly too. Poor natural formation of most rubies is the reason the astronomical increase in price for large sizes of any quality. Especially the famed Burmese Rubies of Myanmar.

In terms of properties, there are no differences between the different varieties of corundum. Corundum is the second hardest mineral on earth after diamonds, with a good resistance to chipping, and strong color stability . All these properties constitute a high durability, making it a recommended gem for jewelry more prone to being hit (rings, bracelets, etc) as well as technological uses in things like satellites and lasers

Synthetic varieties are also prized for the same properties, being made with perfect clarity in items like cell phone screens, or even a covering for high-quality watches; pretty much any small items that need to be chemically resistant, stable, and perfectly transparent.

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