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Red Beryl Value

How much is red beryl worth?

The pricing of red beryl ranges from a few hundred to several thousand depending on if it is 1/5th of a carat or a full carat. This is a rare gemstone that will never grow more than a few carats naturally due to the rarity of the coloring element manganese. Rarity can also make the base price for the stones fluctuate strongly.

Red beryl only comes from a few select mines around Utah in the United States. There are no other locations in the world that produce the ruby red color in this mineral species.

Carat weight aside, this gemstone is an excellent candidate for jewelry with a 7.5-8 hardness, like it’s mineralogical cousin of emeralds . It also reaches a highly saturated, vivid red more easily than rubies, making it a great stone for jewelry. However, it will never be widely-used due to the sheer rarity of the gem material.

The 4Cs

Like any other gemstone, red beryl is evaluated according to the 4Cs of color, clarity, cut, and carat weight.

  • Color – Much like emeralds, red beryl is intensely colored.
  • Clarity – Red beryl is almost never eye-clean, with clarity not judged as harshly as something like an aquamarine, which is frequently eye-clean in even 100s of carats.
  • Cut – These gems can be brittle, and often receive the titular emerald cut like their green cousins. With modern cutting equipment, cuts like ovals and cushions are made.
  • Carat – The low carat weight is already a given.