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Which Rubies Are The Best

R12495 | medium | right | play | “Ruby ID: R12495 Carat Weight: 1.04ct Origin: Mozambique”While the auction houses will indicate that Burmese rubies are the best, the best rubies are ones that are vividly colored, visibly clear, and well-cut. In short, three of the 4Cs. The reason I do not mention carat weight is because it is an evaluation of overall rarity rather than quality.

Geographical origin has little to do with the quality of the ruby since no source produces a single color of rubies. All sources produce a range of colors and qualities, many of which overlap with different sources.

Even with expensive equipment and trained professionals, gemological laboratories are often unable to determine the exact origin of rubies and other gems. The origins might be listed as undetermined or give a geographical estimate depending on individual lab practices.

Additional Ruby Colors

Orangish Red


Purplish Red


Pinkish Red


Given all these factors, the most popular rubies are usually ones that are an unmodified red. However, other colors of rubies are widely available too and at a more accommodating price range. It is also a matter of taste too since not everyone likes a pure, deep red. My own favorite color of rubies is pinkish-red rather than the intense, pure red that most people like.