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certified natural madagascar oval ruby earrings
A pair of our certified natural Madagascar earrings with diamond surrounds.

At The Natural Ruby Company we offer true beauty, rarity, and value in all of our natural rubies.  We are now a four-generation old family business, and since 1939 we have specialized in supplying the wholesale trade. TheNaturalRubyCompany.com was our evolution in today’s highly competitive marketplace.  Today our business is supplying the discerning, educated public in the finest quality rubies at the best possible price. Our goal was always and still remains to keep a unique inventory that sets us apart from other gem and jewelry dealers.

Our extensive history with our sister-company The Natural Sapphire Company led us to the vibrant world of rubies where we have applied all of our time-tested, exceptional standards to establish ourselves as providing the most exquisite natural rubies in the marketplace. We begin from the ground up with the semi-polished ruby crystals directly from the gem mines. We then cut, polish, and certify many of our rubies in-house. We pride ourselves on being expert stone cutters and artisans in applying all the knowledge gained from generations working with these rare gemstones.

pear shaped ruby engagement ring rendering
Our professional CAD designers create multi-view renderings for custom ruby jewelry.

All of our rubies are accompanied by laboratory documentation per industry standards. Our staff is extremely professional, knowledgeable, and experienced. Our dedicated team of designers, CAD specialists, jewelers, and setters manufacture all of our fine jewelry on premises to ensure total quality control.

At The Natural Ruby Company, our standards are of the highest quality and we believe that the beauty is in the details. To accomplish this, we have a fully functioning workshop where we cut our rubies and manufacture the finest custom jewelry, from start to finish.

The Cutting Process

Everything we do starts with our rubies. Many of our rubies are faceted and polished right here in New York. Each shape, facet, and angle is carefully selected for all of our rubies. We know that the best way to create a stunning piece of jewelry is to start with an expertly-cut gemstone.

sketch rings
The first step of any jewelry creation begins with a sketch.

It All Starts With a Sketch

Every fine piece of jewelry starts in the imagination. Our in-house, award-winning designers begin with hand sketching. We move through various phases of construction and design, and the final design is given to our CAD specialists, or a jeweler, that specialize in handmade fabrication.

Computer Renderings

Expert Lapidary – Gem Cutting
gem cutting diagram
A sample of gem cutting properties of a stone.

We employ a combination of old-world techniques and modern technology. We extensively study all of our rubies using the latest 3D scanning equipment to maximize the potential of all of our gemstones. Our scanning and mapping equipment is always the latest technology available in gemology.

Our Custom Order Settings

Computer generated images allow us to create unlimited designs and modifications without having to go through the actual manufacturing process. Computer renderings give unlimited potential in planning for the model of the final design. We can create virtual jewelry in any metal color to preview the design before the final selection is made and produced. Since we do all of our jewelry designs in-house, our CAD designers are the best in the industry!

From Rendering to Polymer Wax Model
wax model ring
A wax model built for a custom-designed ring.

Once the final design is approved, we begin the manufacturing of the jewelry piece. This next step involves using a sophisticated model building machine. Using the latest technology used in this process, we quickly and efficiently produce a completed polymer wax model, which means we can then start the metal casting process.

Casting, Polishing & Setting

The Manufacturing Process

A precious metal form is cast from a mold of our polymer wax model. We then use old-world crafting techniques to produce fine, handmade jewelry. There are dozens of steps in this process, and each one is carefully performed by skilled craftsmen. Our experience in fine jewelry spanning over 70 years assures we have instilled the highest quality standards.

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