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Rubies & Spirituality

The History Of Rubies In Spirituality

certified natural madagascar oval ruby earrings
A pair of our certified natural Madagascar earrings with diamond surrounds.

Ruby is the stone of the heart.  It facilitates the ability to give and receive unconditional love.  It promotes a passion for life and instills renewed vigor. It also promotes sexuality, but never in a self-destructive way.  Not only does it stimulate the heart chakra, but it also centers the emotions, heals anger, soothes disappointment, and dispels negative energy.  It encourages balance, realistic goal definition, and it provides the energy to motivate change.  

Rubies are particularly effective for past-life exploration, spiritual growth, and soul healing.  They provide a psychic shield, which protects the wearer from being emotionally drained by life or associates.  Rubies bolster courage and positive thinking. Cognitive abilities improve, as do focus and concentration. Leadership capacities are heightened, and obstacles or controversy can be overcome.

Enhancing Rubies In Spirituality

carved ruby spiritual
A piece of natural ruby crystal etched with spiritual carvings.

Ruby is also the stone of abundance—attracting not only love and passion, but also financial prosperity and personal fulfillment.  This promotes an attitude of gratefulness and inspires generosity toward others. Precious metals serve as energy enhancers. The precious metal used to mount a ruby may augment its metaphysical characteristics.

Because gold is chemically inert, it is also believed to prevent spiritual corrosion, fatigue, and negativity.  If the wearer is mindful to avoid a tendency toward greed, gold serves to relieve tension, anger, and feelings of inferiority.  Yellow gold harnesses the warmth of the sun and it promotes self-awareness and the realization of dreams.

Rose gold enhances spirituality, and white gold channels the energies of both the sun and the moon.  Silver is often associated with the feminine characteristics of compassion and empathy. Because of these traits, it helps to channel the positive energy of gemstones–including rubies–into the body. 

natural ruby jewelry oval platinum bracelet
A natural ruby bracelet set in platinum. Perfect for wearing the rubies close to the skin.

Since jewelers only acquired the ability to work in platinum at the end of the 19th century, it does not have the extensive spiritual tradition that is associated with both silver and gold.  As a new metal, however, it represents the future–facilitating growth, change, new ideas, and newfound wisdom.  Its superior strength concentrates the mind and deflects negativity, envy, and malice. Palladium, a member of the platinum group metals, is associated with similar characteristics.

Rubies continue to carry heavy influence in other areas of our cultural heritage, and we explore how they do that next in Rubies & Religion.

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