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Rubies & Love

Rubies As Expressions Of Love

Rubies have long been associated with love and romance and have been used in engagement rings for centuries.  Ruby is said to enhance the ability to give and receive unconditional love. It is known as the stone of the heart and it rules the passions.  

johannes de laet portrait
Scholar Johannes de Laet helped popularize the giving of a ring as a symbol of engagement before “le mariage.”

The Romans were the first to use engagement rings to signal the honorable intentions of the groom.  During Medieval times, a wedding band symbolized equilibrium and completion—the desired outcome of matrimony.  Joannes de Laet (1647) described an ancient custom in which a gentleman presented his betrothed with two rings, one set with diamond and the other with ruby.  This gift was referred to by its French name “le mariage.”

Ruby Engagement & Wedding Rings

Today, an increasing number of couples are choosing fine rubies for their engagement and wedding rings.  Many women are shunning the stereotypical diamond and opting instead for unique, personalized rings containing rubies or other colored stones. Some consumers choose rubies because of concerns regarding the use of “conflict diamonds.”  Others are looking for a more individual and creative way to celebrate their nuptials.   

oval ruby flower engagement ring
One of our engagement rings, an oval ruby set in a flower surround of diamonds and platinum band.

Jessica Simpson recently selected a vintage ruby and diamond ring as her engagement ring. Before her, one of the most famous ruby engagement rings was accepted by Sarah Ferguson upon her engagement to Prince Andrew. Also, one of Victoria Beckham’s many engagement rings from husband David Beckham features a stunning ruby in a unique halo setting.

asscher cut ruby engagement ring
A stunning vintage-style asscher-cut ruby engagement ring.

Rubies also feature in wedding anniversaries.  They are recommended as a gift for the 40th anniversary.  Star rubies were specifically selected for the 52nd wedding anniversary because they were believed to counteract the malign influence of the year’s number, which is a multiple of 13.

Next, we explore Rubies & Jyotisha and the importance of rubies in those practices.

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